I am a professional instrumental player and teacher, offering woodwind and strings lessons in Andover and the surrounding area.
I teach players of all ages and abilities from 5 to 70 plus. Currently I have about 40 students ranging from complete beginners up to those studying for Grade 8 and beyond.
My specialist instruments are clarinet, saxophone and viola, but I also have many pupils studying flute, violin and cello.
Some of my students have gone on to study music professionally at music colleges and conservatoires in the UK.
Most of my private tuition takes place at my home in Andover, although I also teach at a number of local private and state schools.


Most lessons are 30 minutes, although more advanced pupils (Grade 6 and above) will benefit from a 60 minute lesson.
Clarinet lesson Violin lesson Clarinet teacher
Students can be prepared for performance exams and diplomas (ABRSM and Trinity Guildhall).
Alternatively if you want to learn purely for pleasure and have no interest in gaining a qualification then I am equally happy to work with you on this basis.
Instrument repair


Musical instruments need regular care and attention to keep them in top condition, and it is of course easier to learn on an instrument that is working well.

My associated businesses CMC Woodwind and Karce Strings are skilled in working with most woodwind and string instruments, and can advise you on any adjustments or repairs that may be needed.

Mark Callow

About me

I began my musical career as a teenager playing the clarinet. At the age of 16 I joined the Army and spent two years at Woolwich Junior Musicians Troop where I was taught clarinet by Hale Hambleton (principal clarinetist at English National Opera) and also learnt the viola.

I spent a further year at the Royal Military School of Music (Kneller Hall) studying clarinet under Paul Harvey (London Saxophone Quartet) and also studying viola.

I joined the Royal Artillery Band, Woolwich as an accomplished clarinetist and violist in 1977. During my time with the band we played with many of the top performers in the UK.

In 1991 I transferred to the RA Allanbrooke band based in Germany as principal violist in the salon orchestra. When this was disbanded in 1993 I stayed with the core players from this band to form the Band of the Army Air Corps at Middle Wallop, Hampshire. Here I continued as principal violist, and later also became principal/solo clarinet for the Band.

I left the Army in 2003 to work in Andover as an instrumental teacher and repairer. Alongside this I continue to play in several local orchestras, bands and ensembles.

My other activities

When I am not teaching I enjoy playing in local musical ensembles covering a very wide variety of musical styles.

I perform with the Southampton and Bath Spa String Quartets, providing classical and romantic music for weddings and dinners, and also regularly join the orchestra for shows and operatic productions such as those staged by the Salisbury Amateur Operatic Society (now know as Musical Theatre Salisbury).

I encourage my pupils to develop their playing by joining local orchestras and ensembles, such as the Andover Light Orchestra of which I am a member.

I can also often be seen in pubs and clubs in the Andover area, maybe playing fiddle with a local folk band, or saxophone with a few friends on a Friday evening.

Instrument hire

Buying a musical instrument can be an expensive investment, especially if you are not sure intitially whether it is something that is right for you or that you are going to enjoy.

I can often arrange to loan you an instrument on a short-term (trial) or longer-term basis, so if this is of interest to you then please contact me.

Contact me

Please call me on 07885 700985.

If I am working when you call, please a me a message and I will return your call as soon as possible!

Alternatively you can contact me by email at:

I am always happy to discuss over the telephone the various aspects of learning a musical instrument.